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Hi. I'm Elodie

Born and raised in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. I have Swiss and Angolan roots and am the recipe developer, food photographer and author of LuvveLovesFood.

I have always had a natural attraction to cooking since I was very little. Since then I have never stopped being a foodie.

In 2020 I obtained a Bachelor's degree in International Relations and Political Science, and in 2023 I obtained a Master's degree in Gender Studies. Through my undergraduate journey, I was able to explore and understand how the food that ends up on our tables is not only a nutritional medium, but a real political factor.

In 2020, I became a vegan. This change happened quite naturally and brought me even closer to my passion for cooking.

Here on LuvveLovesFood you will find quick and easy vegan recipes for everyday or even for more important events.


I have been producing and sharing content related to food and plant-based nutrition since 2020.

Are you a food brand and want to show your products in a new light? Here are the services I offer:

  • Food photography
  • Food mideography
  • Recipe development
  • Content for your social media (Reels and TikTok)

Please feel free to contact me for specific requests

Here you can find some of my easy vegan recipes